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Posting Properties With Espatriati : A Tutorial


We are happy you are here. Our goal with our agent partners is to provide a positive marketing experience that helps them generate leads and sell more property.

This page will provide an overview of what we do and how you can best use our tools to help grow your business. We have also addressed some of the most common questions we receive.

First things first…

Have you created a profile for yourself yet? If not, go do that now by clicking here. It is free to create a profile and you can include as much or as little information about yourself as you wish.

We HIGHLY recommend uploading a profile photo of yourself because most consumers want to see your pretty face before they are comfortable contacting you. Nobody trusts a profile on any website that doesn’t have a profile photo! Whatever profile photo you use for your social media accounts will work just fine.

Why is it free to post properties right now?

Until we become a household name, we are allowing people to post properties for free right now. Any properties posted now can remain on the website for free until they sell or they are no longer listed. All we ask is that you remove any properties after they sell or they are no longer available.

The general idea is that we will need a good collection of properties if buyers are going to visit us, so go ahead a take advantage of our generosity while it lasts. 😊

What does this website do for me and my business?

Our audience is very unique and very specific. Most of the people using our website to search for properties are looking for second, third or fourth homes outside of their home countries. We help you reach an audience that you will have a hard time reaching through other marketing. There are no other places to market properties online that have our international reach, and our list of email subscribers.

Whether you are selling houses or cars or jewelry, exposure to more potential buyers means you are more likely to sell fast and for the highest price. Many agents have had success getting more listings because they tell their seller clients they will post their property for sale on our website. Other agents have had success finding international buyers because many of the buyers on our website are considering more than one country at a time.

How do I post properties on your website as an agent?

It’s easy! There are only a few steps, and we can help you if you get stuck along the way.

Step 1: Create a free account

Go to and look for the Login button in the upper right corner of the header.

Step 2: Login to your account

Step 3: Complete your free agent profile

IMPORTANT: Profiles with agent headshots receive MANY more leads than those with generic photos, or no profile photos at all. Consumers want to see that you are a real person. 

Add whatever contact information you would like people to see when they view your properties. Your email address is the way leads will be sent to you when consumers register on the website and have inquiries, although many consumers will choose to use phone calls, WhatsApp, Skype and other forms of communication to contact you.

Step 4: Add your properties to your profile

Step 5: Upload your properties

There are only a few mandatory fields to complete on the Add A Property page, but the more information you can add, the better. Some fields LOOK like they are mandatory with the * but they are not mandatory.

You can ignore the payment prompt for now. We are not charging for new listings at the moment. Free for you!

When you are satisfied with the listing, click the Add Property button at the bottom.

Clicking Add Property will save your property in the system. Our team will be notified that there is a new listing that needs approval and we approve them as fast as we can. It usually takes no more than a few hours (unless we are sleeping).

If you get stuck along the way, please contact us! We are always happy to help.

  • Do you need more information? is the fastest way to reach us. Try it!

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