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Books We Wrote

We have written a few guides for our clients over the years. We update them from time to time, and they are all easy to read. Please let us know if you need specific information about any of the countries listed here, or other countries you think would be a good addition to our collection.

Note: Even though these pretty images show what look like hardcover books, they are only available on Kindle right now. If you don’t own a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app on any modern smart phone or tablet to read them that way. 

move to portugal

The Portugal relocation guide has spent some time on the Amazon bestseller list. It’s easily our most popular of all the guides we have written. Click here to get one for yourself (available on Kindle).

move to italy

The Italy guide is our second most popular one. You can find it here.

move to costa rica

The Costa Rica relocation guide has some oddly cranky reviewers on Amazon. It has been updated to address some of the concerns mentioned, and our belief is the reviews are coming from competitors who have written guides about Costa Rica (there are many more competitors for this guide than the others). C’est la vie. Get your copy here.

how to move to colombia

One of us spent a few months living in Colombia, which is where the best information in this one came from. Get it here.

how to move to the UK

This was the first guide written by our team about relocating to a different country. It was originally going to be used to create a robust relocation website, but after Brexit there was less appetite for moving there. It is a little dated now, but most of the core information still applies. Get it here.

move to canada

For whatever reason, this is the guide of ours that sells the smallest number of copies. We aren’t sure why, but it’s probably a combination of competition from other guides, and general demand. It was a rough few years to be living in Canada recently, so maybe that’s it. Anyway, it has good reviews. Get one here.

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